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Byggstudio event 2022
Byggstudio event at Hage, September 2022

Seminar 1
Cathy Haynes and Lena Sjöstrand, Nothing is Ever Finished, Seminar 1, 28 April 2018

Seminar 1 April 2018
Nothing is Ever Finished, Seminar 1, 28 April 2018

What is Heaven? Public event, 27 January 2018

AWAE launch
'And We Are Everywhere', launch, June 2018

Panel discussion, Nothing is Ever Finished, Seminar 1, 28 April 2018

Heaven event
What is Heaven? Public event, Lund Domkyrkoforum, 27 January 2018

Pilgrimage from Lund Cathedral steps to Råängen for the launch of 'And We Are Everywhere', June 2018

Schools workshop in partnership with Skissernas Museum, Oct 2018

Intervene/Shift/Compel, seminar at Moderna Museet Malmö, Feb 2019

Intervene/Shift/Compel, seminar at Moderna Museet Malmö, Feb 2019

Geir Brendeland presentation on Hage, a new public garden for Råängen, Skissernas Museum, September 2019

Geir Brendeland presentation on Hage, a new public garden for Råängen, Skissernas Museum, September 2019

Hage launch
Launch of Hage, a public garden for Råängen, involving performances by a local choir and dance company, September 2021

Dig, Splash, Dig, May 2022. Part of Byggstudio's programme of public activities designed to forge partnerships with local groups and organisations..


Together with Jake Ford of White Arkitekter, I'm organising an ambitious, long-term programme of public events, talks, walks, workshops and screenings as part of the Råängen programme.

The first of these events was held in January 2018. Elisabeth Gerle, Professor of Ethics at Lund University and Lena Sjöstrand, Chaplain of Lund Cathedral, discussed the nature of 'heaven', within the context of Nathan Coley's artwork 'Heaven Is A Place Where Nothing Ever Happens', installed next to the Cathedral as part of the Råängen programme.

The first Råängen seminar was held on 28 April 2018. Speakers from Lund, New York, Berlin and London considered the subject of time as a cultural construct and tool for project development. The theme linked to Lund Cathedral’s presence in the town over a 900 year period (since 1123, when the east-alter in the crypt was consecrated) and the commitment to their land in Brunnshög a thousand years into the future.

We discussed the unique nature of long-term projects; the concept of earthly and heavenly time; our fragile relationship to the land; and the varying and magical ways that contemporary artists have worked with the subject of time. We challenged the idea that the future is the only place available for imaginative play; we located Råängen within the history of mankind, and considered pre-modern concepts of time as place.


CATHY HAYNES, writer, curator and artist, London
ANNA LAGERGREN, archeologist, Lund
FIONA RABY (Dunne & Raby), academic, architect and designer, New York
LISA ROSENDAHL, curator, Berlin
LENA SJÖSTRAND, Chaplain, Lund Cathedral

Chair: Jes Fernie, Curator, Råängen

More information here

'Intervene / Shift / Compel'
28 Feb 2019
Moderna Museet Malmö

”What I want to do is intervene in the fabric of society” Stephen Willats

How can artists contribute to a discussion about the way we live in the 21st century? What are the mechanisms that artists, curators and commissioners use to make democratic, active public spaces that address urgent, political and social issues? Can such projects bring about societal change or just a shift in perception?

In this afternoon event, artists and curators from Sweden, Norway and Britain presented a series of international projects that created a framework for discussion.
This event was part of the public programme for Nathan Coley’s Råängen sculpture And We Are Everywhere, a temporary artwork commissioned by Lund Cathedral on their land in Brunnshög, in the outskirts of Lund. The work addressed questions regarding access to land, homeless states and the role of the church in contemporary life. The discussion will inform the Cathedral’s long-term urban development programme.


KERSTIN BERGENDAL, artist and lecturer, Valand Academy, Göteborg
ELEANOR PINFIELD, Director, Art on the Underground, London
EMMA RIBBING, artist and choreographer, Malmö
LENA SJÖSTRAND, Chaplain, Lund Cathedral
APOLONIJA ŠUŠTERŠIČ, artist and Head of Program Art & Public Space, Oslo National Academy of the Arts

Chair: Jes Fernie, Curator, Råängen

A synopsis of the event can be read here

5 September 2019
Skissernas Museum, Lund

In September 2019 we held an event at Skissernas Museum in Lund that focused on ‘Hage’, Brendeland & Kristoffersen’s public garden for Råängen, due to open in 2021. Geir Brendeland introduced the practice’s approach to the commission, the design concept and its relation to Lund. Other Råängen team members discussed elements of the build, the materials, and the connection to theology and community. The evening ended with a discussion with audience members.

The event was organised around a long table which echoed the design of the communal table at ‘Hage’. A selection of items connected to the design and construction of the garden were displayed on the table, including watercolours by Geir Brendeland, plans, maquettes, fruit, planning documents, engineering drawings, photos, models, Cor-ten steel samples and bricks.


GEIR BRENDELAND, Brendeland & Kristoffersen
LENA SJÖSTRAND, Chaplain, Lund Cathedral
MATS PERSSON Treasurer, Lund Cathedral
JAKE FORD, White Arkitekter

Chair: JES FERNIE, Curator, Råängen

A synopsis of the event can be read here

'Working with Nothing: artists & architects building a new neighbourhood'
18 January 2022
Online talk

A discussion about the character of the Råängen programme with three artists and architects from Barcelona, Glasgow, and Trondheim.


EVA PRATS and RICARDO FLORES, Flores & Prats Architects
GEIR BRENDELAND, Brendeland & Kristoffersen Arkitekter

Chair: KIERAN LONG, Director, ArkDes

Watch a recording of the talk here.

'Dig, Splash, Dig!'
7 May 2022
Hage, Råängen

This was the first in a programme of events organised by Byggstudio, an educational design group based in Stockholm and Oslo. The theme for the programme is PLAY & RESEARCH and will involve local community groups and residents. Together, we’ll be testing ideas and developing networks for long-term partnerships in Råängen.

For this event, local kids and adults were invited to interrogate the soil of Råängen by digging clay pits, making ceramics, and burying biodegradable objects.

Jes Fernie

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