Biochemistry Department, University of Oxford Hawkins\Brown and Nicky Hirst, 2008

Hawkins/Brown staff trip to Hayward Gallery Light Show, 2013


Jes Fernie worked with architectural practice Hawkins\Brown as Associate Curator to develop its expanding programme of collaborations with artists.

Working with developers, project architects, clients, artists and partners, Jes ensured that conversations about art and the inclusion of artists onto design teams were initiated at an early stage. She also programmed a series of lunch time talks by artists at the HB studio as well as gallery visits to particular exhibitions, with the aim of encouraging dialogue between practice architects and artists, and enthusing staff members about the role that artists might play in their projects.

Hawkins\Brown has built a reputation for working closely with artists such as Nicky Hirst, Hew Locke, Bob & Roberta Smith and Sarah Staton. Arts clients include The Henry Moore Foundation in Hertfordshire, Wysing Arts Centre in Cambridgshire and the New Art Exchange in Nottingham.

Jes Fernie

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