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I'm developing a programme of online talks with UP Projects and the Public Art Network UK. Designed for curators, producers and public art practitioners, the events will explore issues and good practice in the expanded field of public art. The monthly programme launched in March 2021 and will continue until June 2021.

We'll be considering the role public art can play in raising awareness and effecting change on issues around diversity, community cohesion, and the digital realm as a public space. The programme advocates for a broader, more nuanced, understanding of what it means to commission work for a public context and work in socially engaged ways. In the UK, while there are increasing opportunities for socially engaged work, particularly in urban development and regeneration programmes, there are very few opportunities to develop sector-specific knowledge and skills.

Our four events will pose the following questions: Who has agency and whose voices are heard? What is collaboration? What is the role of curators in socially engaged practice? Is the future of public art online? Speakers and chairs include Samra Mayanja, Kerry Campbell, Matteo Lucchetti, Amanprit Sandhu, Jes Fernie, and Roseanna Dias.

'Assembly' is supported by The Art Fund and has been put together by Jes Fernie, Elisabeth Del Prete, Theresa Bergne and Emma Underhill.

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