Jes Fernie

I'm an independent curator and writer based in Essex, UK. I work with galleries, architectural practices and public realm organisations on public programmes, commissioning schemes, exhibitions and residency projects across the UK and abroad. Working primarily beyond gallery walls, I'm interested in an expansive idea of contemporary artistic practice, which encompasses dialogue, research, engagement and serendipity.

I'm a member of many art commissioning selection panels and have worked with organisations including Firstsite, RIBA, Focal Point Gallery, Tate, Peer, Serpentine Gallery, Olympic Delivery Authority, St Paul's Cathedral, Central St Martins, University of Essex, Lund Cathedral and the RCA.

I wrote this Guardian piece about being a freakishly tall woman. Not strictly work-related, but gives you a sense of the person behind this website.

Jes Fernie

Mobile: 07960687912

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