Flood House at Wakering Boatyard, April 2016, photo: Brotherton-Lock

Flood House at Wakering Boatyard, April 2016, photo: Brotherton-Lock

Ruth Ewan's weathervane for Flood House, 'All Distinctions Levelled' photo: Brotherton-Lock

Flood House

Flood House was a prototype structure that was both a practical and poetic investigation into the living conditions of a seasonally flooded landscape. It functioned as part projected future dwelling and part practical laboratory, monitoring the very particular weather conditions of the Thames Estuary in southeast England.

The structure was moored at various sites in the Estuary in April and May 2016 when it drifted from mudflat to mudflat as if in a future flooded landscape.

Matthew Butcher, designer and tutor at the Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL, designed Flood House. I worked with him and Focal Point Gallery in Southend on a programme of commissions and public events developed in response to the project.

Ruth Ewan's weathervane was located onboard Flood House and formed a dialogue with audiences from afar while Joanna Quinn's short story set up a narrative about a potential inhabitant of the structure.

Flood House is part of the Radical Essex programme which aims to re-examine the history of Essex in relation to radicalism in thought, lifestyle, politics and architecture.

In Autumn 2016 Flood House was sited on the roof of the Art House Foundation in Hackney, London.

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